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Top 10 Ice Rollers

There are many reasons which can result in a tired-looking, puffy, blotchy or red-skinned face – some of which we just can’t avoid at times such as late nights, late dinners, long-haul flights or even that extra glass of our favorite wine. Not even using the right day and night creams,

Top 10 Exfoliators

  Dermatologists all agree that scrubbing your skin can slow down the rate at which skin ages. As the skin ages, the cell cycle slows down and as a result skin cells accumulate on the surface making the skin look matte and lacking radiance, which in turn makes it difficult for skincare products to penetrate […]

Top 10 Anti-Aging Products

Best anti aging products Regardless of the name or statements on a product label, you may come across any of the following statements being used to explain an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products: moisturizer, moisturizing, hydrating, eye lotions, neck lotions, anti-wrinkle, stop ageing treatment, reverse aging, lifting, tightening, rejuvenating, refreshing, innovative, wrinkle repair, and many more. […]

Top 10 Lip Products

Beautiful Lips We all want Beautiful lips!! Sometimes, we need to help nature along…… Whether you want plumper lips, fuller lips, softer lips, glossy lips or a remedy for dry lips, you’ll find the Top 10 Lip Products here to help give you your Beautiful Lips. For Soft Lips, try high moisturizing products that include […]

Top 10 Foundations


Face foundations are used to enhance the complexion or to change the natural skin tone. It also creates an even color to your complexion. Use a a primer to get the best results for you favorite Foundation, whether Liquid, Cream or Powder! The Top 10 face foundations are listed here.  

Top 10 Skin Rollers

  Skin Rollers – or Derma Rollers, Micro Needling, Face Rollers as they are sometimes called – are a handheld device with a roller filled with fine needles.  Rolling the needles over the skin helps with many problematic skin conditions. It promotes Collagen production, skin elasticity, scar reduction and repair as well as helping reduce […]

Top 10 Face Bronzers and Highlighters

Basically, a bronzer is used over foundation to make your face look glowing. Bronzer is a great staple for any beauty bag. It can make your skin look sun-kissed even when it’s protected with sunscreen. It can wake up tired, pasty skin – and – it can create the illusion of cheekbones and help play […]

Top 10 Blushes

Blushes are typically used to add color to the cheeks. It provides a youthful appearance to the cheeks and underlines the cheekbones. You’ll always find beauty products that won’t harm and damage your skin, so here you can find the Top 10 high quality Blushes.

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