Top 10 Body Glitters

Body glitters are used for getting some sort of shine on the body, it may not be as essential as bronzing powders but you can apply body glitters whenever you to go out to party. So, you can use the best body glitter which won’t harm or damage your skin. Body glitter is a great accessory anyway. They come in pots, tubes and bottles all of which can be easy to use.

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1. Hair And Body Glitter Spray By B Wild

B Wild Hair and Body Glitter by Jerome Russell

B Wild Hair and Body Glitter

  • Adds sparkle and shine to your body
  • Gentle and smooth body glitter and won’t cause damage
  • Contains fine and highest quality ingredients.




Product Description:

B Wild Hair and Body glitter contains the highest quality ingredients and finest glitters. It completely adds sparkle to your body which causes no damage. It can give you a stunning and gorgeous look and washes out easily. Not tested on animals. Available in Gold, Silver, Gold & Silver.


2. NYX Glitter Mania

  • It adds twinkle on your face, body and hair.
  • Can be sprinkled on hair for dazzling effects.
  • Makes your face and body look brighter.
Nix Glitter Mania

Nix Glitter Mania

Product Description:

Sprinkle this NYX Glitter Mania Powder onto your body, face and hair for some sparkling and dazzling effects. It adds brightness and festive to your face or body. You can look brighter and glamorous by applying it.


3. Snazaroo Gold Dust Body And Face Glitter

  • This Gold Dust Glitter Gel comes in a 12ml container.
  • Adds dimension and highlights to any face painting design.
  • Easy to remove, skin friendly and washable.


Snazaro Body and Face Glitter

Produce Description:

Gold Dust Body And Face Glitter Gel comes in 12ml pot/container. It can be easily applied over the face by using the finger or a brush. For better highlights and desired thickness, you can apply it by adding water.


4. GlitterMark Gold Glitter Gel (For Face Painting or Henna) By Mehron

  • It is an alcohol-free water based gel.
  • A highly pigmented glitter gel made with the fine cosmetics grade glitter.
  • Its fine tipped applicator makes it easy to use.


GlitterMark Gold Glitter Gel

Product Description:

GlitterMark Gold Glitter Gel is great for highlights. It is suspended in an alcohol-free water based gel to give the artist the ability to create fine lines and details. It is a highly pigmented coverage which has a fine tipped applicator that makes it easy to use. It can be removed with soap and water.


5. Glimmer Body Art Shimmer Body Glitters

  • It has 12 containers of glitters with many different colors.
  • Each pot contains 1.5 grams of glitter which can create up to 30 tattoos.
  • Lasts up to 7 days with Glimmer Body Glue.
  • A US dermatologist tested.

Glimmer Body Art Shimmer


Products Description:

12 Pack of Glimmer Body Art Shimmer Body Glitters has 12 containers of glitters in which each container contains about 1.5 grams of glitter, enough glitter to create up to 30 tattoos. It can be used with other Glimmer Body Art Accessories for a gorgeous look. It is dermatologically tested.


6. Shimmer Glitter Tattoos

  • It can be easily applied in seconds.
  • Includes 10 Glitter Tattoo Stencils.
  • Pack contains 1 brush and 3 Body Glitters.

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos

Product Description:

Shimmer Glitter Tattoos are quick and easy to use. You can create your own shimmering designs on face, arms or anywhere you desire. It is water proof and lasts up to 7 days. It can be applied in seconds to create a shimmering look and to add sparkles.


7. Sephora Silver Glitter Spray

  • It adds silver glitter to the body and hair.
  • It is an easy to use glitter spray.

Sephora Glitter Spray

Product Description:

Silver Glitter Spray by Sephora is an easy to use products. It comes without Parabens. Add a light spray of this products on bare shoulders to add a sensual allure. For a glittering glow frost your hair, arms and legs with this Glitter Spray.


8. Gold Glitter By Chenille Kraft Company

  • It is non-toxic safe and comes in one pound shaker jar.
  • Gold in color.
  • Sparkles adder and easy to use product.

Checnille Karaft Gold Glitter

Product Description:

Gold Glitter By Chenille Kraft Company adds sparkles to your body and it is an easy to use product. It’s shimmering flakes of glitter add sparkles to costumes or artwork and make them look glow.


9. Fazmataz Face and Body Glitter

  • It adheres to skin easily.
  • A completely safe and non toxic product.
  • UV Blacklight reactive.

Faztamaz Body Glitter

Product Description:

Fazmataz Face and Body Glitter adheres to the skin easily and is an easy to use product. It is completely safe and a non toxic material. It can be removed easily with water. Available in different neon colors.


10. Zinc Color Glitter

  • It comes in a 5 gram gem shaped jar.
  • It is a reflective product and is beautiful in colors.

Zinc Color Glitter

Product Description:

Zinc Color Glitters are very beautiful in colors and add a glamorous and sparkled look to your body and face. It is used on eye, lips or any desired area to add some sparkle.


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